Luxury Kim Kardashian House Design

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Kim Kardashian is a famous artist has a house at a price of $ 4.8 million with five bedrooms, located in Beverly Hills. Using Tuscan-style complete with four bathrooms and spa. Kim Kardashian’s house has a spacious 4.000 square meters which includes a swimming pool, garden with waterfall, a multimedia room, living room with fireplace at the outdoor. Kim Kardashian house was designed wth the large windows but very good security system.

Inside the Kim Kardashian house was made in the style of traditional luxury. Each room from the hallway entrance to the open living room is decorated with luxurious furnishings in a mixture of modern furniture with curved steel. Some upholstery furniture ‘is in the subtle flower print. The house has plenty of room neatly furnished room with a fireplace or big screen TV. There is also a dining room with arched windows and entrance porch and bedroom.

Kitchen room the which also has large windows allow light of day at the which Reflect the white walls and kitchen appliances are also Mostly white. The kitchen also has a fireplace Provide a cozy atmosphere. There is also an outdoor barbecue area equipped with sink, refrigerator and storage.

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